Kent Stake Youth Activities

Please find below the upcoming Kent Stake Youth activities. Please note that when more information is available, a link has been provided. Scroll to the bottom for assigned Ward Storehouse and Temple dates as well as local youth dance information.
Start DateEnd DateEventLocation
08/11/19Youth Committee MeetingKent Stake Center
09/04/19Combined Activity (CW) Priest & LaurelKent Stake Center
09/04/19Combined Activity (CL) Teacher & Mia MaidKent Stake Center
09/08/19Youth Committee MeetingKent Stake Center
09/14/19National Day of Service
09/14/1909/15/19Stake ConferenceKent Stake Center
09/25/19YW Camp ReunionKent Stake Center
09/28/19Dance Committee MeetingKent Stake Center
09/28/19Stake Youth DanceKent Stake Center
10/02/19Combined Activity (LM) Priest & LaurelKent Stake Center
10/02/19Combined Activity (PO) Teacher & Mia MaidKent Stake Center
10/05/1910/06/19General Conference
10/13/19Youth Committee MeetingKent Stake Center
10/19/19Beehive ConferenceKent Stake Center
11/08/1911/09/19Stake Priest & Laurel Retreat
11/10/19Youth Committee MeetingKent Stake Center
11/23/19Dance Committee MeetingKent Stake Center
11/23/19Stake Youth DanceKent Stake Center
12/08/19Youth Committee MeetingKent Stake Center
12/31/19New Year's Eve DanceMaple Valley Stake Center
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Bishop's Storehouse

Here you will find the ward assigned dates for service at the Kent Bishop’s Storehouse.

Seattle Temple

Here you will find the ward temple trip dates for Kent Stake Youth.

Youth Dances

Auburn, Enumclaw, Federal Way, Kent, Maple Valley, and Renton dance dates.