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Stake Young Men’s Camp

Hello Young Men, Parents of Young Men!

You may have heard about our plans for a Stake Young Men’s Camp this summer from July 21-24 (Wednesday – Saturday). We are very excited to have this outing together. We will continue to follow carefully the guidance provided regarding COVID-19 and the precautions necessary. As things are currently, with progression toward being able to do things together more, we are in process of planning this camp opportunity where Ensign Ranch (Far West Campground) will serve as our base camp and activities will be held in the general area to include possible ideas such as cycling, fishing, boating, hiking, etc. We will have many opportunities for building relationships between young men and leaders and in building faith and testimony together.

In order to help us in the planning for this event, we ask that each Young Man complete the survey that is linked here within the next few days (please prior to Tuesday, April 27):

We have some wonderful young men that have been helping with the planning that might have reached out to you already for some of these questions, but we decided it would be easiest with this survey to gather the needed info (thank you to Kress Franzen for building it). The young men that have currently been joining us in the planning efforts include Tyson Bolles, Cole Raban, Camden Franzen, Conner Bowler and Max Welch.

Please let me or any one of the young men listed above, or member of your Bishopric know of any additional questions you have.

Thanks very much!

Jason Mitchell

Kent Stake Young Men’s President


Stake Youth Conference

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1. We will be doing a gear drop off on Tuesday night (June 29) from 7p.m. to 8:30p.m. at the Kent Stake Center. Please bring your gear anytime during that time and please have it labeled with your name on it. For recommended items to be brought, please see the packing list below. Please note the requirement for water shoes with traction if youth want to play on the slip and slide at Ensign Ranch and please note that it is requested that youth do not have their cell phones with them during youth conference. Youth are welcome to bring a bag with personal items to have Wednesday morning. If you have not already turned in your medical release form, please don’t forget to bring this Tuesday night to the gear drop off – however ideally you would provide it to your Bishop or YW President this coming Sunday. We can’t have anyone going to Ensign Ranch without having turned in a signed medical release form.

2. We will be meeting at 10a.m. on Wednesday at the Kent Stake Center to begin the Youth Conference. We will have a short briefing at that time and will hand out some important materials there. All youth will then get in assigned cars and head to Ensign Ranch. Please be on time and be prepared for a great experience!

3. Please bring a sack lunch with you Wednesday morning that can be eaten in the car prior to arrival at Ensign Ranch.

4. A reminder…..Youth, we ask that prior to coming that you please read the following specific sections of the “For the Strength of Youth” booklet and agree to follow the standards described therein:

  1. “Agency & Accountability” on page 2 and 3,
  2. “Dress & Appearance” on page 6-8,
  3. “Friends” on page 16 and 17, and 
  4. “Language” on page 20 and 21.

One item of note for parents that planned to drive your youth to Ensign Ranch….you are certainly still welcome to do so if you’d like, however we also want to let you know that we believe we have several open seats available in cars already going up. Please let us know if you’d like your youth to become part of the car pool as soon as possible so we can plan appropriately for it.

If you have questions, please reach out to any of the following:

Jason Mitchell – Stake Young Men’s President
Kristi Ann Bolles – Stake Young Women’s President
Crystal Watkins – Stake Youth Conference Specialist
Pete Watkins – Stake Youth Conference Specialist and Counselor in Stake Young Men’s Presidency

Or any other member of the Stake Young Men’s or Young Women’s Presidencies

Documents & Forms

Camp Helaman is a multi-stake Aaronic Priesthood Leadership conference for priest-age young men, 16-19 years old.  Its purpose is to build faith in the Savior, Jesus Christ, and to help young men understand the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood.

2020 Dates: June 30 – July 4
Location: Ensign Ranch, Cle Elum, WA

Ensign Ranch