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YW Camp 2022

Young Women’s camp is just around the corner and we are super excited! Camp will be July 19-23 and this year we will be camping at Zion’s Camp in Belfair. We’ll be staying in camp Lehi and sharing longhouses. The week will be full of a mix of social, spiritual, physical, and intellectual activities. Below you’ll find links to the forms needed for camp along with a packing list. Remember, we’ll be doing a service project so bring some grubby clothes! We’ll also be hiking this year so sturdy shoes are a must! See you soon!

Parental Permission/Medical Form

YW Camp Agreement

Packing List

16-18 Year Old Youth Retreat, Oct 8th-9th 2021

All youth turning 16 in 2021 and older, please register here.

The 16-18 year old youth retreat will be over two days and will include 1) a temple session Friday morning, 2) service, food, activities, and a fireside Friday afternoon and evening, and 3) class sessions and a trip to the Family Fun Center on Saturday. The youth will be fed dinner Friday and lunch Saturday. The youth will return to their homes Friday night and return to the Stake Center Saturday morning. We are excited for this opportunity to feel the spirit, serve, learn, and have fun! Please see the outline below for a summary of where to be when over the two days. Don’t forgot to register at the link above, and please reach out to any member of the YM or YW stake presidencies with questions!

Friday morning temple sessions meet @ 8am or 9am

Meet 8am at Stake Center for carpool to 9am temple baptistry session. Youth will return to the stake center at 10:30am.
Meet 9am at Stake Center for carpool to 10am temple baptistry session. Youth will return to the stake center at 11:30am.

Arrive in Sunday dress, bring a change of underwear.

Friday afternoon/evening service, activities, and fireside @ 2pm

Meet 2pm at the Harris home.

Youth drop off at the Harris home, 24918 133rd Ct SE Kent WA 98042. Youth can also park at the Wilson play fields and walk to the Harris or Smith home. Our activities will be using both the Harris’ and Smith’s yards.

**Bring the following Friday afternoon**

  1. Clothes comfortable to perform yard work in, including sturdy shoes.
  2. A change of clothes in case of rain, or for those desiring to change out of work clothes following service.
  3. Work gloves.
  4. A camp chair for around the fire.
  5. Dress warm, and bring a blanket if you’d like.
  6. If able, shovels and garden rakes.

Saturday classes and Family Fun Center meet @ 10am

Meet 10am at the Kent Stake Center. Following activities at the Stake Center youth will be carpooled to and from the Family Fun Center in Tukwila. Youth will return to the Stake Center at 4:30pm.

YW’s Camp 2021

Camp Updates:

  • Talent Show submission email:   Please submit things for the talent show slide show at young women camp.  It can be any medium of choice i.e. photography, drawing, painting, dancing, etc. We just ask that the dance pieces, musical pieces etc. be limited to about 2 minutes. YW can submit pictures of art or stories or whatever else you are wanting to do which will be put into a slide show to be shown at camp. Thank you!!
  • Packing list:YW Camp Packing List
  • No lice checks are required by Ensign Ranch.
  • Payment is due. If you haven’t already, submit your portion of the payment (some wards aren’t requiring it due to past fundraisers) either online or via a tithing/donation slip.  Fill in the “Other” field with “Stake YW Camp”, include your payment and give to a member of your ward’s bishopric. Ward YW Presidents or Points of Contact, please work with your ward clerk to submit the correct amount to the Stake electronically.  If you aren’t sure how to do this, have them write a check and get it to one of the Stake YW Board Members.

Stake Youth Conference

Register Here!


1. We will be doing a gear drop off on Tuesday night (June 29) from 7p.m. to 8:30p.m. at the Kent Stake Center. Please bring your gear anytime during that time and please have it labeled with your name on it. For recommended items to be brought, please see the packing list below. Please note the requirement for water shoes with traction if youth want to play on the slip and slide at Ensign Ranch and please note that it is requested that youth do not have their cell phones with them during youth conference. Youth are welcome to bring a bag with personal items to have Wednesday morning. If you have not already turned in your medical release form, please don’t forget to bring this Tuesday night to the gear drop off – however ideally you would provide it to your Bishop or YW President this coming Sunday. We can’t have anyone going to Ensign Ranch without having turned in a signed medical release form.

2. We will be meeting at 10a.m. on Wednesday at the Kent Stake Center to begin the Youth Conference. We will have a short briefing at that time and will hand out some important materials there. All youth will then get in assigned cars and head to Ensign Ranch. Please be on time and be prepared for a great experience!

3. Please bring a sack lunch with you Wednesday morning that can be eaten in the car prior to arrival at Ensign Ranch.

4. A reminder…..Youth, we ask that prior to coming that you please read the following specific sections of the “For the Strength of Youth” booklet and agree to follow the standards described therein:

  1. “Agency & Accountability” on page 2 and 3,
  2. “Dress & Appearance” on page 6-8,
  3. “Friends” on page 16 and 17, and 
  4. “Language” on page 20 and 21.

One item of note for parents that planned to drive your youth to Ensign Ranch….you are certainly still welcome to do so if you’d like, however we also want to let you know that we believe we have several open seats available in cars already going up. Please let us know if you’d like your youth to become part of the car pool as soon as possible so we can plan appropriately for it.

If you have questions, please reach out to any of the following:

Jason Mitchell – Stake Young Men’s President
Kristi Ann Bolles – Stake Young Women’s President
Crystal Watkins – Stake Youth Conference Specialist
Pete Watkins – Stake Youth Conference Specialist and Counselor in Stake Young Men’s Presidency

Or any other member of the Stake Young Men’s or Young Women’s Presidencies

Stake Youth Fireside – January

Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 973 1828 5395
Passcode: 318069

To Kent Stake Youth, Parents of Youth, and Ward and Stake Youth leaders,

All Kent Stake Youth turning 12 this calendar year and older, you are invited to our Kent Stake Youth fireside this coming Sunday January 17th, 2021 at 7pm. We will be holding the fireside both in person in the gym of the Kent Stake Center with necessary social distancing, as well as virtually. Please join us for an opportunity to gather and feel the Spirit!

For those wishing to join virtually please use the following link:

Meeting ID: 973 1828 5395
Passcode: 318069

For updates on activities don’t forget to find us on Instagram as @kentstakeyouth or online at


Kent Stake Presidency

2020 AFY – Federal Way

The Federal Way Stake is excited to host the 2020 AFY on Friday, February 22nd – 4:30-10pm.

Brother Will Tukuafu – former Seahawk player will be our keynote speaker. We will also be serving dinner and will have a dance to close out the night. You will note from the flyer that this event is for all youth turning 14 and up this year. Also, the dance will end at 10 pm please help to communicate this information to your youth. Lastly, this event will be a Sunday dress standard.

Young Women's Camp

Young women need a place where they can gather together, separate from worldly influences, feel the Spirit of the Lord, grow in unity and love, and strengthen their faith and testimonies of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.