Camp Updates:

  • Talent Show submission email:   Please submit things for the talent show slide show at young women camp.  It can be any medium of choice i.e. photography, drawing, painting, dancing, etc. We just ask that the dance pieces, musical pieces etc. be limited to about 2 minutes. YW can submit pictures of art or stories or whatever else you are wanting to do which will be put into a slide show to be shown at camp. Thank you!!
  • Packing list:YW Camp Packing List
  • No lice checks are required by Ensign Ranch.
  • Payment is due. If you haven’t already, submit your portion of the payment (some wards aren’t requiring it due to past fundraisers) either online or via a tithing/donation slip.  Fill in the “Other” field with “Stake YW Camp”, include your payment and give to a member of your ward’s bishopric. Ward YW Presidents or Points of Contact, please work with your ward clerk to submit the correct amount to the Stake electronically.  If you aren’t sure how to do this, have them write a check and get it to one of the Stake YW Board Members.